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 My Weapon

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PostSubject: My Weapon   Mon May 18, 2009 2:25 pm

Owner: Noa

Weapon's name: Soul slashers

Type: Parasitic

Appearance: It looks like claws, shar long fingernails.

Level 1: Soul slashers!

Normal ability: My special abilitie is that it makes me more agile, like a cat.

Special Attack: Cross dance. I put my fingers into a cros and it solidifies and turns into a sword.

Level 2: Life slashers. Both of my hands become swords.

Special Attack: I can make images of myself to confuse the enemy.

Level 3: Soul Killer. Both of my arms (from my shoulder to my fingertips) turn into swords.

Special Attack: When i Pound the ground it can make a shockwave for 3-5 meters.

Critical Point Breaker: I can transfer my soul into something as a quick way to escape.

Special Attack: I can go back into my body but can still control whatever i've ben in.

Special form: There is something that looks like me but is a couple of feet away from my body

Special ability: The other body has a mind of it's own.

Downside: I get weak as the battle progresses.
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My Weapon
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