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 weapon from azaoldyeck's char

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PostSubject: weapon from azaoldyeck's char   Fri Mar 14, 2008 12:18 pm

A hand-made, designated bow.
The arrow will appear itself when needed so the user won't need a lot of things to carry.

Level 1 activation of the innocence is a poison arrow. When the arrow hit the akuma, it'll diffuse the poison from the arrow to the akuma while the akumas energy and abilities are suck by the arrow. Those energy is needed for the use of energy on level 2, 3 and the Ultimate move.

Level 2 activation of the innocence is torturing the akuma's mind. When the arrow hits the akuma accurately on the forehead, the akuma will be flashed with their history of the past when they're alive. It'll torment the akuma until they explode. The second one is wild volley. When let go of the string of the bow, an arrow will separate into many arrow and attack the akumas.

Level 3 activation is summoning the elements. When attacking the sky, it will summon all the elements that can weaken the akumas. The elements then attack all the akumas there, leaving nothing.

Ultimate move of this bow is Shinigami summoning. When the host chants an incantation, a weird language will appear at the surface of the bow, thus summoning the shinigami. However, the side-effect is really dangerous since summoning shinigami has to pay a big price.
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weapon from azaoldyeck's char
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