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 Nice to see newbies here, but...

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PostSubject: Nice to see newbies here, but...   Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:21 am

We're dead. Seriously.

Sad? Ya.

But hey! what other stuff do I have in store for ya?

Like Megaman Battle Network games? go to:

we kick ass there. About 4000 players, at least 300 active...PM my char, Lastdesiire, there if you sign up...cos do I have the fun for you! (I acquired a bomb to blow up an entire area recently)

Prefer STarforce games? Go to:
And add Lastdesire to your friend list if you do. Its small, cosy...and in need of players. Though we're not dead yet (average bout 2-3 posts per day) we do have a lot of potential

If anyone has a good The World Ends With You rpg, pls direct me there. I love taht game... (Tag's Note: That RPG can be found right here.)

But hey! this is the announcement area, not affilates! So... we are dead. Though, possibly, someone may open this place back up again...but till then...yeah. sry. For oldtimers back to weep, like me...I love you guys man! ...Well. Except Tyki. Nah, jus kidding, miss ya too.

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Nice to see newbies here, but...
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