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 Hatsuharu Joker and Kiki Phoenix

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PostSubject: Hatsuharu Joker and Kiki Phoenix   Thu Jul 17, 2008 5:56 pm

Name: Hatsuharu Joker

Age: 23(Looks about the same age as Shizutsi though)

Gender: Male

Alliance: Noah's

Rank: In his own group called The Fallen from Grace, he is boss.

Family: Shizutsi, whom he want to destroy.

Crushes: None

Abilities: His abilities are still clouded, but it has something to do with his mind, which he can use as he likes. Many say he is one of those able to do many horrifying things with his mind, but his true form of abilities are still unknown.

Personality: Hatsuharu is a cold and emotionless man. He is cruel and doesn't care who he hurts in order to get to his goal. He has a strong belief that the noah's are the only true apostles, and the exorcist are simply ordered by the devil, who wants to keep this corrupted world going. Everything seems very ugly to him, and he hates pretty much everything, except those who are good allies to him, and act as his little cruel family. Hatsuharu loves to torture humans to insanity, and make them attack the exorcist who don't want to harm the humans. He loves to see the exorcist struggle and scream in pain, which he thinks they deserve. He wishes death upon this world, and no longer has a heart. All of this is cause by his curse mark, that covers his back. Only to his little family, the group he leads, he acts gentler to. They are the only ones he can 'talk' to, and the only ones he wishes to trust.

Likes: Darkness, death and his little group.

Dislikes: Everything else.

History: Hatsuharu was born in the same family as Shizutsi, as his brother. Before the age of five, they were always together, when planning a prank and when sleeping under the shade of the tree on a hot summer day. All of this came to an end when they found out bout their destiny as servants to the noah's. A long year of training started. It was originally meant to be a three year long training, but that one day would change everything. One day, about a week before a full year of the trainings start, Shizutsi found an old walking stick in front of some grave. The grave said that the walking stick had brought him much unfortunate and death. Shizutsi, being a curious fella, picked it up and brought it to is brother. The second he touched the stick, his hand burned. Hatsuharu hissed and pulled away. An blinding light. That was all Hatsuharu remembered, along with his father managing to burn the family symbol on their backs. In pain, Hatsuharu managed to run from his home. He still remembered, seeing Shizutsi kill all the members of his family, mercilessly and without a second thought. This drove Hatsuharu first into a deep depression, but over the days, his anger started to grow.

He could not live with this. He would not live with this. Along with getting the symbol, he had lost his ability to speak. is true abilities started to develop. First, he was able to move small objects like little rocks, just by thinking, but soon his powers grew and got many different abilities. All of this he trained and trained, only to reach his ultimate goal, Shizutsi! He wanted the guy dead! He had to die in order for him to live. Soon, he found a small red haired girl, with a weird ability, just like him. After making sure it was not the innocence his father had thought him about, he took this 10 year old girl and raised her. Soon, she grew up to serve as Hatsuharus voice, as he had learned to control the mind of another. Wanting to revenge, he explained everything that had happened to Kiki, the first member of TFG. She agreed to help the best she could.

Of course, even now, Hatsuharu is yet to find his brother. But that all will soon change. "Everything will soon be over" Are Hatsuharus exact thoughts. He still seeks personal revenge before finding and serving the noah's.

Height & Weight: He stands about 178 cm tall and weights only 49 kg.

Looks/Picture: Hatsuharu is a very thin man, since he hardly ever eats. He has weird ears and long sharp and black fingernails, sharp. He is a mute, so he never talks, but also he can control other peoples minds, if they let him, so he can talk through them. He hardly ever runs, but sits on someones back. Being so very thin and light, this is easy for him. His eyes always stay in a shadow, and his evil eyes glow faintly in the darkness. The most movement he ever does is when he writes or eats, though he does walk on his own. He is not physically weak: Actually, his speed and strength are frightening, but he prefers not to move much.

RP Sample:


Name: Kiki Phoenix(Last name not real, unknown)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Alliance: The Fallen from Grace

Rank: The speaker

Family: None.

Crushes: None, though seems to like Hatsuharu a little.

Abilities: Kiki uses very weird technology, which no one else can understand and god knows for what. Sometimes for killing, sometimes for planning, but other than that she just lets Hatsuharu use her voice.

Personality: Kiki seems all weird and cheerfull, and she is, but only to Hatsuharu and the rest of the group. She shares the hatred towards the exorcist, and would not leave any of them alive in any situation, unless Hatsuharu was there to hold her back to keep her out of danger. Either way, when not a bloodthirsty woman, she is a very happy-go-lucky girl, with a habit of annoying everyone. Well... Everyone else but Hatsuharu, whom she respects and likes. Although she may appear a bit clueless at times, she really can control this weird technology, though it can't do much damage and breaks easily. That's why she focuses on letting Hatsuharu use her voice. Kiki just loves to mess with people by using her small robotic pets, like spiders and small animals, making them go crazy when they can't see where the sound is coming from.

Likes: Candy and her little robots

Dislikes: Exorcist

History: Kiki has been a street child as long as she can just remember. Her life really started when she turned ten. A mysterious but beautiful mute man took her in and raised her. For years, he didn't say a word, yet Kiki had no trouble understanding him. Soon, she found that this man, Named Hatsuharu, was able to talk to her through he mind. At first, she was scared and tried to avoid Hatsuharu, but soon got used to it, and started to like Hatsuharus voice, that was warm and gentle in her mind. Hatsuharu explained his very sad life, and his goal to kill this man named Shizutsi Joker. Kiki, who was at that time 14, agreed to help and started to train her special ability and body, not wanting to be too weak for Hatsuharu, whom she so much respected. She started to hate Shizutsi more and more, as she grew older and stronger. Hearing Hatsuharus pain, ever time he decided to connect Kiki's mind and talk about how his family was killed, making Kikis rage grow, wanting this man dead as well. Who was he to cause Hatsuharu such pain?! This man desserved the most painful death! All the exorcist did! Only the noah's and Hatsuharu were to be respected! She started making various plans. In order to catch this man Shizutsi, they would need to be sneaky since he would most likely not go down easy. ONe thing was for sure. The guy needed to die, and Hatsuharu was the one to kill him. As she was planning, she realized something. If Hatsuharu was able to read minds, then he was able to look into her memories and see what happened to her real family. No matter how many times she begged for him to take a little peek at least, Hatsuharu refused, telling her to forget the weak parents for left her to die alone in the streets. Soon, Kiki gave up and is now the voice of Hatsuharu.

Height & Weight: 156 cm tall and weights 47 kg.

Looks/Picture: Nothing to add here, the pic is perfect.

RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Hatsuharu Joker and Kiki Phoenix   Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:21 am


Heh, very good job. I like the idea about Hatsu being mute and Kiki serving as his voice...and both pics are really cool, I love the first one as well...but the second one resembles me of a certain someone...! <3
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Hatsuharu Joker and Kiki Phoenix
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