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 Leigh Takagi

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PostSubject: Leigh Takagi   Mon Mar 14, 2011 6:26 pm

u]Name:[/u] Leigh Takagi

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Alliance: Black Order

Rank: Level 1 exorcist

Family: Her younger Sister, Natani Takagi.

Crushes: None right now.

Abilities [Noahs and Akuma]/Innocence [Exorcists]: Her innocence, Gin kage

Personality: Shy to strangers, she loves to smile even in the worst of times, especially if she's fighting. She doesn't laugh a lot though. A very giving person that shares something if you ask, unless it's information. She hates to be alone, even though she doesn't show and hates to cry. She's a very good bargainer and she can make really good coffee. She can be very very stubborn.

Likes: Coffee, animals, drawing, cats, chocolate sometimes, tea.

Dislikes: Fights, killing, being alone, people hurting her friends.

History: Leigh lived in an orphanage with her sister, Natani. Most of the children there teased and bullied her because somehow she was different than the others, her little sister also got hurt. Everytime someone wanted to adopt her, something wrong would happen. When she was eight she and her sister left the orphanage and traveled to different towns. She realized that she had innocence when Akuma attacked the village she was staying in, they had almost killed her sister. She managed to save her sister but most of the village's people were killed. Leigh has been travelling for four years since leaving the orphanage. When Akuma attacked the next town she was staying at, an old man watched her kill the Akuma and mentioned that she should go to the Black Order, he also gave her a silver golem. Leigh found it with no help from the crappy map that the old man drew. She realized that her sister can use innocence too and together they joined the Black Order.

Height & Weight: 2 1/2 meters, 67 kg.

Looks/Picture: She has dark blue eyes, and normal ears.

RP Sample:

" C'mon Natani! We have a mission to do remember!" Leigh said urgently, happy with some work to do." Yes yes! I remember!" Natani replied back." Well then hurry up!" Leigh said. Natani sighed, but moved faster all the same. " You're so impatient" she retorted. They moved on in silence." Meow!," a small black kitten said as it pressed against Leigh's leg." Aww.... I'm going to name you Shadow!" Leigh said, smiling." Yeah" Natani said back, happy about the black kitten." Well, I guess you'll have to help us too!" Leigh said to Shadow," Are you up to it?"." Meow " Shadow replied." Let's go!" Natani called out. Leigh, Shadow and Natani arrived at the destination, a bunch of ruined houses." This looks really inviting!" Natani retorted." You sure this is it?"." Yeah, I'm sure" Leigh replied." Start searching, but be careful!" Leigh said warily, as if expecting an Akuma to crash through one of the houses. The three nodded and started searching.

Finding nothing, the three sat discouraged in the middle of the houses. Natani sighed." Wait!" Leigh called sharply, listening. Suddely a large crash came from a distance away in a hidden house." Dang!" Leigh said as she ran toward the sound. Something Flew past her ear, a few more inches and it would have hit, she kept running, trying to dodge the attacks that came for her. She finally saw three Akuma straight ahead, one carrying something glowing. It started to fly up but Leigh jumped at it, managing to get the innocence from it. It immediatly turned and shot at her. She managed to dodge most of them but one."Dang!" she said as she fell on her knee's. Natani jumped up and sliced one Akuma in two. She then went for the next two and killed them quickly." Are you okay?!" Natani asked anxiously." Yeah" Leigh said uncertain as she felt her sight coming back." Good thing I'm a parasetic type" she joked." I was really worried about you, you know!" Natani growled." Let's just go before anymore come!" Leigh replied." Right" Natani said. The three started to walk back.


Sorry if the rp sample isn't long enough.
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Leigh Takagi
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