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 Silver necklace treasure as

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PostSubject: Silver necklace treasure as    Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:57 pm

As long as you do that, no evil can come to her;silver necklace so guard this treasure as the apple of your eye, and teach your daughter to do so likewise.Every day the little girl seemed to grow prettier, and people used to say she would soon be as beautiful as her godmother, but no one knew, except the nurse, that at night, when the child slept, a strange and lovely lady bent over her.All the best doctors in the country were sent for, but it was no use, for there is no cure for death.The lady-in-waiting promised to carry out the queen's directions, and above all to keep the affair a secret.
She hated her step-children, and the king, seeing this, kept them out of the way, under the care of Dotterine's old nurse.Her nurse was not there, but suddenly, as she stood weeping, her eyes fell upon the golden case in which lay the precious basket.I know that your stepmother is very unkind to you, but be brave and patient,Tiffany Rings and better days will come.But if you should happen to find yourself in any difficulty, and cannot tell what to do, take the goose's wing from the basket, and throw it out of the window, and in a moment I will come to help you.When they had finished eating, the godmother led the child back, and on the way taught her the words she must say to the basket when she wanted it to give her something.
About this time a terrible war broke out, and the king and his army were beaten back and back, till at length they had to retire into the town, and make ready for a siege.Then, bidding Dotterine follow her, she passed through the gates of the town, and through the army outside, and nobody stopped them, or seemed to see them.As soon as Dotterine and her godmother were clear of the enemy, Dotterine took off her own clothes, and put on those of a peasant, and in order to disguise her better her godmother changed her face completely.Anyhow at the end of three days she could do everything Tiffany Necklace as well as if she had cleaned pots and swept rooms all her life.
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Silver necklace treasure as
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