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 Kagari Zekka

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PostSubject: Kagari Zekka   Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:15 pm

(just so you know I am not very far in the manga)

Name:Kagari Zekka(Japanese format. First name: Zekka Last: Kagari)



Alliance:The Black Order

Rank:Advanced Exorcist

Family:All relations dead. she believes Allen is her brother(he is she just doesn;t know it yet)


Abilities: not sure what to put here [Noahs and Akuma]/Innocence [Exorcists]:

Personality:Lonely, sad, angers easily, can be nice and funny but, also cold and bitter. She wear alot of black and is gothic. She wear meduim length outfits that don't show too much, in otherwards she's modest. She can be flirty when she wants to be. (she puts on a cute act to get away with things) Zekka tends to get nervous and stutter around Lavi. She's very sensitive when it comes to her past and hates to be alone in the dark. She loves the Ocean and bodies of water. Zekka has a band called 私を噛む!(said Watashi o kamu! it means Bite me! in Japanese) They sing her favorite songs for fun.

Likes:black, Lavi, Allen, Lenalee, fighting, singing, dancing, reading, writing poetry, punk, metal, and rock music.

Dislikes:Kanda, pink, pop, hip hop, and rap music.

History:She never knew her real parents and only knows the people who adopted her. Her father was abusive and drank, her mother was verbally abusive and did drugs, and her brother was sexually abusive. She has a problem talking to guys because of her past. She has lived alone for 5 years after running away from home at the age of 10. She has three jobs, she's an exorcist, singer, and model. She was a childhood model to earn money she doesn't enjoy this job but her other jobs do not supply enough money. She has been unwanted all her life and believes no one could ever love her she hopes someday she'll meet someone who will love her and never let her go. She hurts herself at times and has commited suicide twice. The first time she tried to drwon herself and the second time she tried to hang herself they were both brutal failures. She hopes to save people as an exorcist she's new to going on missions but was a lone exorcist ever since she was 5. IMPORTANT: If you upset her or make her angry she will go on a killing rampage starting with you! DO NOT MAKE HER ANGRY! That is all I can think of at this point. hmmmmmmmmm(I'm just filling the space here! ^^ LOL) hahahahahahahaha

Height & Weight:Unknown

Looks/Picture: https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/i/fuyutsukireimoonbladebymk7.jpg/ (scroll down once you open the link)

RP Sample:young Zekka: "SOMEONE HELP ME!" Zekka's father: "Come here!" *coming towards her with a knife* young Zekka:"NOOOOOO!!!!!" *she says this high-pitch just like a scream* Zekka's father: "Shut up and take your punishment!" he stabs and cuts her and she cries and screams until she looses conciousness. (this was all a flashback dream) Zekka wakes up screaming: *pant pant* "Why do I keep dreaming about that? Why?!"
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Kagari Zekka
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