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 Toruni( done )

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PostSubject: Toruni( done )   Fri Nov 05, 2010 2:29 pm

owner:Breeze Wright
weapons name: Toruni
type: Crystal
description: A large crystal on both of Breezes wrists. On her left wrist her crystal is black, on the right it's white. When activated the crystals cover her arms into two clawlike hands
level one: She just says "innocence activate!" and it activates
normal attack: Slashes, particularly scratching and maybe some punching.
special attack: Nisshoku tsume, she jumps up and slashes the air, making Black and white fiery clawmarks that slice akuma from a distance.
level two: Breeze just says "level two", her innocence turns into two swords that are on fire, one black and the other white.
special attack:Breeze spins around and a slash slices any akuma near her in half, but it leaves her vulnerable to attacks from below and above.

Sorry if I have any spelling mistakes!.
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Toruni( done )
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