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 Breeze Wright ( done )

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PostSubject: Breeze Wright ( done )   Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:44 pm

name: Breeze Wright
age: 11
alliance: The black order
rank: Exorcist lvl 1
family: Father:Lyle,brother:Brenton,mother:Joann,grandpa:Ralph
crush: None
innocence: Toruni
personality: Shy and laughs a lot. Very brave but is a little bit scared of heights. Doesn't like people taking risks for her. Most people she meets think of her as a sister. She would do anything for her friends(even sacrifice herself). Gets embarressed easily.
likes: Drawing, animals, coffee, dragons, playing the piano. She likes to be alone.
dislikes: Very salty things(she likes candy too but cant eat a lot at a time), promise breakers, people who hurt others for no reason at all.
history: She's had her innocence since she was born. Her dad was an exorcist too, and told her evrything about Akuma. Her dad died while trying to save her mom but he died with her mother and grandpa when she turned 11. She didn't know how to activate her innocence until meeting an Akuma a few days after her parents death. She has now sworn to herself that she will not let any of her friends and her brother die. She hates the Millenium Earl even though she hasn't met him. Ever since that day she has told herself one thing."I will not let myself be killed untill the Earl is gone from the earth!".
height and weight: 1 1/2 meters, 60kg
looks:long, Wavy,dark brown hair with tan skin and light brown eyes. Her hair goes over her right eye. Wears a black spagetti strap dress and black boots, also wears two light blue fingerless gloves.

rp sample: Breeze looked around the street, there was a lot of people running around." I wonder what's going on "she said to her brother."I don't know nor do I care" he told his sister."I'm going to ask someone" Breeze told him and walked into a shop." Umm..... do you know why there are so many people running around in the street?" she asked the storekeeper." It's a festival today, everyone will shoot fireworks tonight" he replied." Oh... thanks for telling me" Breeze called as she walked out of the store and joined her brother." It's a festival tonight!" she told him." Is that a good thing or a bad thing" Brenton asked.." It's good thing if nobody mess's it up, but bad if an Akuma takes advantage of this" Breeze replied. " We've got to make sure people dont get killed!" she said urgently. Suddenly wary of the people that passed her." Won't that be impossible?" Brenton moaned to her, looking around." Not if we get there first!" Breeze said, suddenly confident.

10 minutes before everyone shot up their fireworks.
Someone screamed up ahead." Brenton get people away from here!" Breeze told him as she glanced ahead and saw a group of akuma. Brenton obeyed wordlessly." Innocence activate!" she said as she ran up to the closest one to her. She killed it quickly." One down, two more to go!" she said as she ran to the next nearest one. She sliced it open." Is everone gone?" Breeze asked her brother, who was running toward her." Yes!" Brenton replied. Breeze turned to the last one. Smiling, she dodged aome of it's missiles before destroying it into pieces." Are you okay?" she asked Brenton." Of course I am!" he growled." C'mon then" she said before walking away from the ruined houses.
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Breeze Wright ( done )
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