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 Dante Vs Vergil

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PostSubject: Dante Vs Vergil   Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:55 am

[blockquote][blockquote]The streets are a lot cleaner now, there are still demons, there is still a demon horde that bound around the City and try to kill the human race. Dante's Office 'Devil May Cry' has been restored and is open just for that one thing. Teaming up with other hunters and humans, he's here to keep the streets clean of demonic vermin.

Vergil's failed attempt at regaining power ended with him being used at a later date, his death and his sword 'Yamato' being broken, before it has now been fixed by the one named Nero. Though Nero no longer has control of the legendary weapon, it's thought the weapon was either taken from him by force or that he lost it.

Word of Vergil's resurrection has spread, of course Dante has heard about it. If Vergil wants to fight him he knows were to look.

The hero Sparda. Thought to be dead or trapped in hell, word of his appearance has come forth from the depths of society. Is he alive? Is he walking around just like any other person? Almost. Due to his being trapped in hell he's had to sacrifice most of his power in order to come back to the realm of mortals. Yes he still has power but not nearly as much as he used to, due to people fighting over it and trying to obtain it from him whilst he was trapped in hell he was drained.

He is alive, as are Dante, Vergil and Nero.

It is expected that again another family feud will arise between the twin brothers.

What is Nero in this family? He is younger than both Dante and Vergil, is he another son of Sparda?

Will this dysfunctional family of half-blood brothers and a full blood father be able to stop a looming fate? Something is brewing in the deep depths of the City. People who are long since dead are suddenly reappearing through unknown means. What is going on here?

Be careful. Be prepared. [/blockquote][/blockquote]
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Dante Vs Vergil
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