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 Half-Blood Clown

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PostSubject: Half-Blood Clown   Tue May 18, 2010 5:39 am

Name: Akmua name :Half-Blood Clown. Human name : Harry.

Age: Can't remember

Gender: Male/Female

Alliance: Akuma

Rank: Akuma Lv1

Family: Harry had three elder brothers and sisters, when their he died the Earl used their grief to transform Half-blood into an Akuma.

Crushes: Harry had a secret crush that he had only just told his family about.

Abilities: Chain Gun and Final Shot.

Personality: When begining as an Akuma he has the same mad personality that most Lv1 akuma have. As he kills more souls he begins to get smarter, and has the beginings of a rudamentry personality.
Half-Blood also develops a tasted for other Akuma.

Likes: Akuma's and Exorsicts souls.

Dislikes: Frogs.

History: Harry was born on 1857 in a small town in India. He was sent to school at St Arks, he was constantly getting in trouble at school. He made friends with the school pet.
Harry also met one of the Noahs while wondering the streets, although he didn't know his name at the time, Harry had incontered Road. He played with her, and she taught him some of the secrets of the Noahs. At the age of 19 Harry found a job as a circis performer. Harry specilised in acrobatic challenge courses.
His brothers and sisters married but remained in close conntact. Harry accidently found the exorcist HQ when rock climbing. He was immidiatly mind wiped and removed from the location. Though he maneged to retain some of the memories, things that he vagley remembered were, Kumoi the round about location of the HQ.
His family got together to host his 21 birthday. Durring the party Half-Blood slipped on some split ice and broke his neck on the wall. He died in his familys arms, Harry as a human were "Don't....morn...me"
As soon as his spirit departed, the earl appered in front of his friends and family and did his god is bad act, and got the party members and Harrys family to bring his soul back.
Half blood was given a unique skeleton and since he was brought back by a entire familys bond he is stronger than the average Akuma.

Height & Weight: (When Human: 168cm & 57 km) (When Akuma: 261cm & 131 km)

Looks/Picture: [url=http://rpggamer.org/shippics/droidcontrolship.jpg]

RP Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Half-Blood Clown   Wed May 19, 2010 8:59 pm

Nice, It's awesome Smile

I was wondering if your char has a real name, and also if there's a picture... it's ok if there isn't it'd be easier to get a picture in our minds for what he looks like.
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Half-Blood Clown
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