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 Septimus Elaismira(Done)

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PostSubject: Septimus Elaismira(Done)   Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:48 pm

Name: Septimus Elaismira

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Alliance: The Exorcists
Rank: Exorcist Lv 1

Family: Septimus was found as an orphan.

Crushes: N\A

Abilities: Shunpuu, Persitqui, Heirro, Cero and Garuganta.

Personality: Septimus acts in cold and calculating manner most of the time, making it very hard for him to make friends.
Most of the time his distancing himself from people and cold behavear is can almost be felt.
He is able to out think his opponent by 5 moves ahead, this trait is born from many years of playing chess.
When around friend he is warm and kind.
He has a few werid traits that were passed on to him from his teacher, such as being an expert cards player he can analyise any game and quickly spot the loop holes in its rules.
He is a workaholic and this explains his complet mastery of his inocence. He claims his inocence requiers life threatening situations to reveal more of its powers.

Likes: A nice sunset, Chess, all life.

Dislikes: Anyone who attacks his friends, Sour foods and a cheater.

History: Septimus was found in a small hurricane his parents bodys were found in a river formed by the hurricane.
He was then found by a travaling monk, who brought Septimus up.
The monk was killed by an akuma when Septimus was twelve, this was the first time Septimus Activated his innocence and killed the Akuma.
Septimus then traveled around the globe serching for and killing Akuma.

Height & Weight: Septimus is 168cm tall and weights 69kg.

This is what Septimus looks like with his inocence activeated, apart from a few differences:
-Septimus has the dark dark cloth covering him in ragged strips.
-He has dark purple eyes not green.

RP Sample: *Septimus walked up a dark winding track, following the scent of dark matter, it was fresh, he puased to thank the monk who had trainned him in the hardest conditions.
Septimus rounded the cornner and caught sight of the Akuma floating away.
Septimus would have ambushed it there and then, if he haadn't caught four for scents these too were fresh, they came from further up the mountain, these Akuma were getting together, they were possibly going to attack this town, he had found this Akuma when a group of tourists had been killed in perfect conditions to match up to an Akuma suspect, further delving had shown that one of the tourists hadn't been well.
Checking it out with the docters recorders had shown that she had completly unkown symtoms.
Jerking himself back to the present he followed the Akuma up the mountain.
Septimus activated his Inocence and flew above the summit of the mountain.
The akuma had gathered there and were waiting for the rest.
Septimus slowly tore open a gateway of swirling dark energy and stepped through it like a doorway.
On the summit the same gateway openned right behind the Akuma.
Septimus tore through the first Akuma and stabbed the second through the head.
The rest of the Akuma had noticed, and opened fire on Septimus.
The last bullet he caught with his hand, and threw it back at the Akuma wounding it in the eye.
All the while playing an chess game in his head, Septimus didn't need to concentrate on the board it was instincteve as breathing.
Septimus extended his finger at one of the Akuma "Cero"
An purple ball of energy lunched itself at on of the Akuma.
The Akuma deflected the blast by blasting full power at the beam.
Septimus used this oppotunity to attack from the side, the last Akuma shot through it's partner, into Septimus.
Sending him into the scrub.
His form flickered and Septimus vanished.
Septimus appeared behind the Akuma "Shunpu" he said as he stated charging his cero.
As he began walking away from the Akuma he sensed something wrong.
Septimus turned round and looked at the Akuma. The wound had compleatly healed and it was turning round to face him.
"High-speed regeneration uh, your tougher then you look Akuma"
It's only responce was to turn around and release a barage of bullets, and high piched laughter.
In his minds eye, the opponents queen had come.
"Checkmate" in his minds eye his bishop took the king, in the same manner that Septimus chopped of the Akumas head.
As his inocenece crubled away he sighed "What a drag"
Dawn began to break across the hill, giving everything a golden tinge.
Septimus started to walk away down the hill, as he walked down two shadows showed, his and the shadow of his inocence.

This is kinda spoils my characters powers eh, dont worry though the powers in here a his generic powers.

Alright you can now tell me if you can approve me lol!

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PostSubject: Re: Septimus Elaismira(Done)   Wed May 05, 2010 11:21 pm

This looks cool heh I'm new too.
not new to rping though lol. btw... >_<
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Septimus Elaismira(Done)
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