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 Maria Thereza

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Maria Thereza Sant'Anna

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PostSubject: Maria Thereza   Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:44 pm

Name: Maria Thereza Sant'Anna

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Alliance: The Black Order

Rank: Exorcist

Father: Bruno Sant'Anna (dead) - Bruno was a kind man with a good heart and a brave soul,he loved his family more than anything in his life and would die for them if they ever needed him to do that.He was born and lived all his life in the city of Rio de Janeiro,where he met his wife and raised his children until the day of hi death.Bruno,just like his wife,worked as a doctor in a hospital of the city.He was murdered by a criminal that also killed his wife and stole their money when they were coming back home ,by car, from work.
Mother: Ana Clara Sant'Anna (dead) - Ana was a gentle but strong woman that had no fear of sticking up for her beliefs.She was a good mother that would,mostlikely,kill without thinking twice if it was to protect her children.Anna had a strong sence of justice and liked to do everything to help people,that was why she decided to study medicine.Born and raisend in Rio,she decided to sutdy in a public college and that was where she met her husband,both eneded up working in the same hospital.She was killed right before her husband when a criminal stole their car during their ride back home from work.
Older Brother: Maurício Sant'Anna (dead) - Maurício was her older brother and the person that raised her for her parents died when she was too young,only four years old.At that time Maurício was alread seventeen and was able to live by himself and take care of her.He was a very responsible person and was the one that teached the importance of responsability to her.Maurício had always been overprotective of her and also was the one to tell her most things about their parents.He used to work and go to college while she was a child and once he finished college he got a job as an anthropologist for the museum of the city.Maurício was the person most near Maria and the one she trusted the most,when he died she felt like her world had been broken and had fallen down on her but she knew she had to move on,for he wouldn't like to see her like that.Maurício was killed by a Akuma on the day Maria joined the Order.

Crushes: Straigh.

Abilities [Noahs and Akuma]/Innocence [Exorcists]: Scythe of Chaos

Personality:Maria is a calm girl that likes to be alone at times.To most people she looks like the bad girl type, she can act in a sarcastic, aggressive,disrespectful,disloyal,self-centered,mean,rough and even cruel way, sometimes even her kinds of fun can hurt people. But, in truth, this is mostly a mask,like a wall that she puts up to protect herself from the betrayals she is used to suffer, but once angered she can become pretty dangerous.She only shows her good side to those she think as her true friends, to those people she can be extremely trustful,loyal,helpful and funny, she will be kind,caring and even loving, she will be a very good friend, sometimes going up to the point where she is able to put herself in danger to help her friends, she will also become very creative, happy and kind looking ,very easygoing and even talkative with her friends, completely different from the mysterious and anti-social person she usually looks like, for that matter she is easily misunderstood,but she really is sarcastic and not even her friends can escape that.Even if she puts on the bad girl mask she would never hurt someone without a really good reason, she also would easily agree into helping someone she just meet or would help a person without needing to having been asked to.As much as she can be a good person, she will become a devil once someone gets on her bad side, and she will have no problems in making he enemy's life hell.
Maria is also a very smart and intelligent girl, but she is completely lazy and often prefer to sleep or make fun of people than to really work,she also hates to recieve and/or obey orders, but even with all of that she is a good worker,that does a good job, what helps her a lot with all her rebelious acts and trouble with having to obey orders, but she also knows when is time to shut up and really pay attention to what's going on and when her friends want to. She can get easily bored and her favourites hobbies are reading suspense books, drawing and listening to music.

Likes:She prefer to be called by just one of her names,it doesn't matter which one but her true preference is that those who are close to her call by her nickname: Mah (as in "má",in Portuguese, the same as bad,but it must just be used to woman). She loves to do nothing all day long and likes to draw, listen to music and paint. She also likes to pass the time with her friends and make jokes about almost everything. She likes to wear dark clothes and comfy shoes, her favourite is her black all-star that she uses to almost everything. She likes to wear little makeup and to use her hair in a ponytail most of the time. She is a very picky eater and has a love for sweet things, her favourite is the chocolate, she also like some other kinds of food, her favourite fruits are apples,strawberries and pepper,she also likes spicy food and hot chocolate.She loves warm days and warm clothes, likes open spaces with trees and flowers and etc. She also loves places where she can be alone and have privacy,she also loves to be in quiet and peaceful places where she can relax.

Dislikes:She hates disloyal people and betrayal, she also hate those who are too self-centered and think of themselves as perfect people, she hates those who are untrustworthy and disrespectful and that betray others by spreading their secrets.She also hates phony and shallow people who only thinks about appearance and only judge people by that, she thinks no one can judge others. She doesn't like appearance and unsalted food, nor fat food. She hates uncomfortable clothes and shoes and she also doesn't like to wear colorful clothing and much makeup. She doesn't like cold days but she loves snow because where she was born never snowed. She hates too small and dark spaces because it makes her have claustrophobic attacks. She doesn't like too much noise,to be interrupted and to have her privacy disrespected.

History:When Ana discovered that she was pregnant again it was a complete chaos,not that it was a bad thing,no,it was just because she already had a thirteen years old son.How would he react?But luckly Maurício was a different boy,a compreensible one,pretty much like his father,Bruno, so he was even excited about the idea of having a little brother,or sister.Maria could not have been born in a better family.But the dream would be shattered four years later,it was destiny once more showing itself and making sure that mankind couldn't forget who was stronger.Though a wonderful city,Rio de Janeiro was a dangerous one, and Maurício's and Maria's parents were killed by a criminal.He was seventeen,and all that was left for him to do was to move one and take care of his little sister,all that was left of his family.
For the years they had lived together,left the past behind,achivied dreams,he had finished highschool and also college and she was just on her highschool.As happy as they could be,Maria had grow from the cute little girl to a increiblely gorgeous young woman,earning looks from the boys and making jelousy burns within her overprotective older brother.Maria also discovered her true love,arts.Drawing and paint,and she was extremely goo with it,making him very proud.A wonderful life.It was like aliving dream.But dreams were made to be shattered.That was when he was killed.Her world came crashing down.The world is a dangerous place and the worse ones are the dangers that are disguised and that normal people can not see.Maurício was killed in the day that the people sent fro the Order to get the innocence that was with the siblings without their knowledge,what they didn't knew was that the innonce already belonged to Maria,it was in a scythe that her brother had brought to her from a archeologic excavation,but Maria didn't want to leave her borther and join the Order.On that they a group of Akuma attacked the house they were in and her brother died to save her life.His last wishe was for her to move on and he also told her to go with them to the Order that she might be safer there.After that she decided to join the Order and left her country,Brazil,along with her past.

Height & Weight: Heigh: 1,75 meters (something aroun 6'9'') Weigh: Around 60 kg

Looks/Picture: Maria is a tall girl with long wavy black hair and deep black eyes,her skin is tanned but not too dark,she has a curvy body and wears mostly dark clothes.

RP Sample: OOC Note: This sample was first ade for the Beyond Good & Evil site,my OC here and there are more or less the same,though my OC appears in this sample she is not the one I use for she appears here as a small kid,the one I use is her brother.This sample is like part of her history.Hope it's okay.
Quote :
It was raining.It had been raining all day, what was a pretty strange thing in the summer.In the summer it would rain usually in the end of the afernoon,a strong and quick rain but today was different.A light and annoying rain had been falling all day long.Not once had they seem the sun.
Though the rain wouldn't really bother him,Maurício was holding his black umbrella over his head for a only reason,to protect his little sister from the rain.She was the only family he had now.And for her he was holding back the tears.

That was it,once more a innocent had been killed and there he was,standing before the newly dig graves and the gravestones with his parents names.Though he was not alone,he was holding his four years old sister,her little body shaking though no tears were falling down.Her face was nestled in between his neck and sholder as he held her with one arm and the umbrella in the other.It was the time to stop mourning,everybody had left,they were the last ones in there.It was when he turned to leave that he felt the cold wind on his sholder and heard a little voice.

"Bro,we are leaving mom and dad?"

His little sister had lifted her head in the direction of the graves.Mom and dad,he had never heard her refering to them like that,her fisrt words had been Ana and Bruno,not mom and dad,always Maurício never 'bro'.Why that now? 'Sadness,most likely.' He thought.

"We need to go Mari."
"But they are buried.How are they gonna go to work?Why did they bury them?Why?"

It hurted him,more than she could ever imagine.Her innocent words cut trough him like a sword.He contorced his face in a forwn to try and hold back the tears that threatened to fall,no he would not cry,not in front of her,he had to be strong.So he put her on the ground and kneeled in fron of her,holding the umbrella above them with one hand and putting the other on the left side of her face,for amoment he just looked at her,taking in her sad and confused expression,she looked like a little doll,with her little black dress and doll's shoes,just like his his father used to say,she was a pretty little doll,then he builted enough courage to speak.

"Listen Maria,my sweetheart,they are not here anymore.They are in a better place now.Watching out for us,protecting us.and I promise,with all my heart that everythin is gonna be okay.Do you trust me?"

She nodded her little head.Her curly black hair moving aroun freely.She was just so small,so beautiful.He had to protect her,no matter what.

"Good girl."

So he took her in a hug.He had promised and so he fulfilled his promise,until his last day.
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Maria Thereza
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