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 Mireii Wakana

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PostSubject: Mireii Wakana   Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:43 am

Name: Mireii Wakana


Gender: Female

Alliance: The Black Order

Rank: Exorcist

Family: Yukana (Older sister)

Crushes: Straight; people like Lavi.

Abilities [Noahs and Akuma]/Innocence [Exorcists]:Digital Jewel

Personality: Generally quiet, and gets bored very easily. Does her own thing most of the time and appears to be in her own world. Despite her nonchalance, she catches on on things very quickly. Enjoys aggravating her sister. Can be sulky at times, and does things according to her mood. Dislikes being called "Mireii" due to reasons unknown to even Yukana, and gets touchy every time someone does. Wakana has a lot of pride too, and lashes out at anyone who insults her.

Likes: Anything sweet, anything mildly gothic.

Dislikes: Fish and vegetables, loud noises.

History: She was born into a family with a long line of samurai descendants in Kyoto. However, Wakana was never interested in swordplay or any other form of martial arts. She had, instead, a curious talent for reading maps and sensing the presence of others. She is often able to tell when someone was approaching their home.

Her parents killed by some level 3 akuma shortly after her birth, Wakana could only depend on her sister, whom she did not get along very well with due to personality clashes. When she turned 14, she learnt about how her parents had died from Yukana. It was then that she made up her mind to slay as many akuma as she can. Thus, Wakana upped and left her quaint little home to seek out the Black Order, leaving Yukana to tend to their family dojo back in Kyoto.

At the age of 16, after having wandered through many towns and slaying countless akuma, The Black Order finally approached her before she found them. Wakana has been living in HQ ever since.

Height & Weight: 160cm, 47kg

Looks/Picture: Black-brown hair and pure black eyes. Not as innocent as she looks in the first picture; that's just a facade.

RP Sample: (This one is grabbed off a dead RP comm. I hope Wakana can be revived here. xD)

Wakana's eyes narrowed at Kanda's taunt. The tip of the man's blade was inches from her throat.
"I don't like swords, Kanda," she said, her voice soft and dull, "and I have this habit of breaking them when they are pointed at me."

She was quick, but Kanda, more seasoned in battle, was still too fast for her. As Wakana leapt off the couch she was napping on before he came to question her, orbs dead set on the silver blade, Kanda brandished his weapon away easily and returned it to its sheath. At the exact same moment, he managed to slap away Wakana's outstretched arm, and glared so fiercely that the girl froze. She did not, however, tear her gaze away.

"Let me make myself very clear," she said through gritted teeth when Kanda didn't speak; the little jewelry resting in her right pocket glowed a deep black, illuminating the dim room considerably, "I am not the sort who cannot draw a line between personal affairs and work; my failure today had nothing to do with -"

Wakana broke off abruptly just then; someone was coming to the training room. The dark glow emitting from her right pocket slowly faded away as she regained her usual quiet composure, and Kanda watched her, a hint of distrust still apparent in his eyes, when the door opened.

His well-marked brows raised slightly, and his thin lips curled into a small, triumphant smirk when Yaya peeked in timidly - Wakana had turned swiftly away to avoid the younger girl's gaze.

Erm... Is this alright?
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Mireii Wakana
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