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 The Time of Evanescence

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PostSubject: The Time of Evanescence   Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:36 pm

Saryithlin, the home of many mythical beings. Blessed with a grove of beautiful cherry blossoms, the beings of this country lived together in peace and harmony. Everything was peaceful... That is, until the Archadians appeared. After the destruction of their kingdom, they searched for a new place to call home. Then they came along Saryithlin, and decided to claim this land for themselves. Little did they know that the place was already occupied. Angered by their sudden invasion, all races banded together to drive these strangers out of their land and take it back.

The time of evanescence has begun. What will you choose? Will you become one of the fantasy creatures and fight to protect your homeland, or will you betray your kind and join the humans? On the other hand, will you become the human that wants to claim this beautiful country as your own, or will you betray your people and join the fantasy creatures in their struggle? The choice is YOURS.

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The Time of Evanescence
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