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 Erin Platestead (unfinished)

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PostSubject: Erin Platestead (unfinished)   Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:53 am

Name: Erin Platestead

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Alliance: None

Rank: 0 (??)

Family: Mom: Laurie Platestead, Dad: Jack Platestead, older brother: Zeke Platestead

Crushes: Lavi

Abilities [Noahs and Akuma]/Innocence [Exorcists]:

Personality: Kinda, usualy trying to keep friends and partners in place, very quiet when she suspects or dosn't like a situation/person

Likes: Lavi, hanging out with her friends, and sweets...lots of sweets, reading, collecting weapons and things that Akuma drop after being vanquished

Dislikes: Smart-alecs, people who try to controle others, the sound of a cricket and spoons across teeth, when something that shouldn't breaks, when shes forced to do her work alone, when Lavi ignores her

History: She was born in a town called Laresia. Her mother and father taught her about Akuma and Exorcists when she was 10. But sadly, her mother was killed when an Akuma (Crimson*I think, whoever the vampire person is!*) killed her wile her father and brother were away. A year later, her father also died from getting sick. Her brother followed soon after when he misteriously dissapered. So she lived with her aunt and uncle forsix years and became an Exorcist.

Height & Weight: 5"6, 112 lbs


RP Sample:
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Erin Platestead (unfinished)
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