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 Kye Kifino

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PostSubject: Kye Kifino   Wed May 20, 2009 3:17 pm

Name: Kye Kifino

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Alliance: Black Order Exorcist

Rank: Exorcist

Family: None Living

Crushes: Any Girl From 12-18

Abilities: Innocence: Giga Gum

Personality: Although slightly perverted, Kye is a nice guy. He enjoys taking long naps and is always ready for a brisk fight. Although he may be the suckiest player in the entire universe, Kye enjoys playing Poker. He can sometimes be a little annoying but yet, he seems to have a very contagious smile. He has nearly no appetite and sometimes will go days only eating a few pretzels. As his Innocence would show, he has a major addiction to chewing gum. He is very creative and will use anything in the environment to help him win a fight. He will never be depressed, no matter what happens because he knows that he has always faced much worse. He also hates people who constantly act depressed and is very annoyed by bugs.

Likes: Women. Gum. Poker. Sleep. Fights. Pretzels.

Dislikes: Eating. Akuma. Constant Downers (People Who See the Glass Half Empty.) Bugs.

History: Kye was born in France. Until he was six, he had a relatively normal life. His parents constantly let him chew gum. One day, both of his parents were killed before his eyes by an Akuma. It had angered him so much that the Innocence currently being chewed in his mouth awakened. He disposed of the Akuma but it turned out a man saw it. Kye was blamed for killing his parents and the man who was actually an Akuma. Even though he was only six years old, he was taken to federal prison. He was supposed to be there for twenty full years. After five years, he was bailed out by a man who wanted to adopt the 11 year old boy. After less than two weeks the man was shot and Kye was forced to live in poverty. Kye decided that he should go to somewhere in the world where he would be needed. He spent the next year of his life traveling to many places and being taken in by several nice people. Eventually Kye ended up in Great Britain. It dinít take long for the Black Order to find him and take him in. He quickly bleanded with the crowd and took on some missions. Kye always tried his hardest not to think about those tough years and usually succeeded in it. Though sometimes, it would cause him to feel sad, though he would never cry. In the end he had learned one important thing from his tragic past: That you should always be happy because now isnít the worst moment of your life.

Height & Weight: 167 cm. 61 kg.


RP Sample: From Shinigami Soul
Today was Austin Beckerman's (Kye before a hollow) 14th birthday. He didnt really care. His parents spent all day beating on the slaves and he never got any attention. Austin remembered how it had been about 7 months since his parents had killed a slave.
Austin couldnt see it. It hit him. Suddenly, gasping for air, Austin got up and could see it. In front of him was a hollow. It was a brown color and stood about 10 feet tall. It had a body structure like Fishbone-D. It's mask looked like Shinigami from Soul Eater's mask from 800 years ago.
Austin reached for something to defend himself with. He found a bat used to beat the slaves. Austin threw the bat at the hollow. The bat broke a piece of his mask. Austin then saw who the hollow was. It was the slave killed 7 months ago. "Jeremy?" whimpered Kye.
The hollow picked up the bat and crushed it. As it walked toward Austin he screamed so loud that his mother heard it. She rushed into the house, not being able to see the hollow. As Austin tried to warn his mother, the hollow killed her.
It was all over. Austin had to stand back and watch as his mother was murdered. In absolute blind rage, Austin put all his strength and effort into one punch. He attacked the hollow... but only wound up breaking his own hand. Austin knew that he stood no chance against this powerful foe. Austin surrendered to the hollow, "I give up. Take my life and leave."
The hollow reached out to crush him... but... it stopped. The creature suddenly started shouting, "My mask! What have you done to my mask?!"
Although he knew it was a few moments ago that he broke part of the mask, Austin still took this as a chance to get out of there.
Austin ran about half a mile away, then he saw a bright red light where the house was (whcih he would later know was a cero). Austin could feel that his family and slaves were all dead. He ran away knowing the hollow, now arrancar, would come after him. Many large tears rolled down Austin's cheeks. Hewas alone and being hunted; one of the worst fates of all.
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Kye Kifino
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