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 My charecter Noa

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PostSubject: My charecter Noa   Sun May 17, 2009 6:40 pm

Abilities [Noahs and Akuma]/Innocence [Exorcists]:





Height & Weight:


RP Sample:

My charecters name is Noa

He is 13 years old

He is a boy

He is a normal human who hunts akuma

He has no allaince

He had a good friend who turned into an akuma, his family was pratically his own that he never had.

His ability's name is the soul slashers.

He is cruel and sadiistic.
He likes to just cause small injuries that slowly kill the enemy.
He doesn't trust anyone.
He often will not listen to anyone, because he likes to follow his instinct.
He will kill anyone who gets in his way, enemy or friend.

He likes fighting and killing.

He does not like staying still.

He was a normal boy until he saw his best friend die.
He refused to make him into an akuma.
But his friends mother jumped in and turned him into an akuma.
When this happend he ran away.
But then he heard his friends mother cry out in terror.
He turned around and watched her die.
Once again he refused to turn her into an akuma.
He ran but his friend who was an akuma chased him.
He was shot at but dodged the bullets.
His dormant abilites were awakend, and claws grew on his fingertips, he slashed at the akuma and that was the end. now he goes to stop other akuma.

He is 5' 8" and weighs 160 pounds.

He has brown short messy hair. His eyes are green but have a red ring in them.
He has a small nose, very red lips tan skin, and generally wears black shirts, pants, and shoes.

RP sample: Noa against his friend turned into an akuma.
Standing in the cemetary with his dead friend and his friends mother. The milleneum earl showed up and his mother turned him into an akuma. when it was done The akuma started yelling. I ran, fast. I heard bullets and his mother screaming, I turned around and saw his mother die. Then I felt anger. How could he destroy his own mother. I yelled out in anger and felt power radiating through my blood. My nails grew long and sharp, i jumped and then landed on him. I felt nothing but anger at this thing that was once my friend as I dug my claws into his flesh. Then i started scratching, my nails were sharp and as powerful as swords. he was sliced into ribbons. i wanted to turn on the milleneum earl but he had dissapred. afterwords i looked at myself, i felt like a monster. What had happend to me? i didn't know. i just started walking, and whenever i saw akuma after that i felt nothing as I sliced them into ribbions, i felt that this was my duty, i was created to kill these creatures. i had imagined everyone as my friend, i never really felt anything ever. There were always tears in my eye's as i tore into them. As much as i tried to push back the tears they always came. Always.
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My charecter Noa
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