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 Skye Taylor

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Skye Taylor


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PostSubject: Skye Taylor   Sun Mar 29, 2009 5:20 am

Name: Skye Taylor

Age: 17 (Physically)

Gender: Male

Alliance: None

Rank: Critical Point Breaker (Ratio: 112%) HE cannot use his innocence to its full ability yet.

Family: Melissa Taylor (Mother) , Annabelle Taylor/Akuma (Sister). Cross Marian.

Crushes: None, (He feels he must protect General Cross no matter what, he alos looks to Lenalee as a Sister.)

Innocence [Exorcists]: Hands Of Time (Seiku and Sen a parasite Weapon type.)

Personality: Skye is a very serious person who never takes any nonesnece what so ever. He almost seems heartless at times, but this is just a facade to fool people into thinking he is Heartless as an Akuma. But he usually is stating into space Day dreaming about things like what he's Going to cook in the evening.
His true personallity is of a very doting motherly type who would never leave anyone behind even if they where near death or dead. But when Akuma are around he would never look twice at them, 'just destroy them be done with it'. He is scared by the many memories of his family and sometimes is found crying over an old Photo of his family. But he never lets anything get him down (Even very large Akuma) If one of his friends or innocent lives are at stake.

Likes: Skye likes food, he will eat anything that he can get his hands on. He also has a soft spot for animals, if he sees a stray kitten in the street he will take it home and look after it until is well again.
Further more he can play the piano extreamly well and will always play one if he sees on in a house or a chapel.

Dislikes: He despises Akuma and his Father say there as worse as each other. He also hates vety bitter foods. Being ageless (He can still die by being shot or sometihng.)

(Please note Cross was quite young at this time and 14 was still alive but near death.)
History: Skye is a Half german and English Boy. He is a bastrads son because his father raped his Mother Melissa Taylor. When he was very young he lived with his Mother and Half-Sister in Germany for many years. But then a few days before his 16th birthday his left eye began to act up, giving him extream pain and almost turning his blind, it turned out that he had a shard of innocence in his eye that began to react with him.
On his seventeenth birthday and large swarm of Akuma attacked the castle, they killed his Mother, his sister was at there mercy, he then passed out, he awoke a few days afterwards, all the Akuma had been destroyed and his sister was crying in the corner, she had made a pact with the Earl.
Skye's sister attacked him, his innocence activated as Two Katanas and almost destroyed the Akuma, it fled.
He sat there, in the Remains of the castle crying for Days, years even until a man with a strange mask appeared "Come with me." The told Skye, the man was Cross marian, Skye then followed Cross around the world meeting new people and Akuma alike.
He then pleged himself as Cross's guradian, he then parted wth Cross as he went to England, Skye went to his home land. To his old home Town, to his Castle. Where a Level 3 Akuma waited for him, it called itself 'Rei' he fought it, and in it last moments it muttered "Heh... I refuse to let you Age, brother." The Akuma then exploded. He has found that now he cannot age, he matter how old he gets he still looks the same.
He now searches the world for a way to age again While looking for Cross.

Height & Weight: 193 Cms, 93Kg.

Looks/Picture: He has white hair, about shoulder legnth. He wears a simple, blue T-Shirt and Black pants. He also wears glasses that seem to stay on no matter what kind of stunt he does.

RP Sample: Skye stood at the entrance of the castle, or what was left of it. The black flame charred stone loomed over Skye hatingly. A young girl stood in the stoney wreck, she was smiling down at something. Skye stepped forward, the girl had mousey brown hair that flew in the wind, snapping at Skye, she turned around and said "I've been waiting for you." She laughed as her beautifal complexion dissapeared and was replaced with a black metal snake, An Akuma, Skye sighed, "Sorry, I should of stopped you." Skye murmered, as he lifted his left hand to his eye, "Innocence, Activate, Hands Of time!" Skye cried as his eye flashed and two katanas materalized his his hands, he rushed at the Akuma, slashing wildly, the Akuma fell to the ground in it human from, blood trickling from its mouth, "Heh... I Refuse to Let you age... Brother." The Akuma recoiled in pain and exploded.
Skye cried.

P.S I'm not really this emoish!!!
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Skye Taylor
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