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PostSubject: Neijibana   Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:39 pm

Owner: Ryu-chi Sanada

Weapon's name: Neijibana {Twisted Flowers}

Type: Equipment type

Appearance: A spear, which has a bluish-silver handle

Level 1: To activate, Ryu would utter the phrase "Split them in two, Neijibana" and the spear would turn into a mix between a Pike and a Ji. To deactivate, Ryu traces over the edge of one of the blades with his finger and spins the handle 360 degrees.

Normal ability: Can just be used simply like a spear (I.E. Simply sweeps, stabs, spinning 180 degrees in the air to hit multiple enemies, etc.), but when the setting is right, the spear can sweep up water to increase its power against an enemy. The water can be obtained through particles in the air/rain/any body of water and can be converted into an Icy element.

Special Attack: When the spear sweeps, the collected water can be launched from the spear towards the direction the user is facing, if the user wants it to. The water travels rapidly and takes the shape of a wide cresent. The force is enough to cut an object in halves, if it happens to be an enemy then it can be blocked, depending on their level.

Level 2: (Yet to be obtained)

Critical Point Breaker: (Cannot be obtained at the moment)

Special form: (Not yet <<)

Normal Form:

(Remove the ice, and you get the spear ^^)
Level 1:

(Turn the handle to a hue bluish-silver; not grey and black :s)
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