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 Ryu-Chi Sanada

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PostSubject: Ryu-Chi Sanada   Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:09 pm

Name: Ryu-chi Sanada

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Alliance: Exorcist

Rank: 1

Family: His late brother and aunt.

Crushes: Straight; Turn-ons: Girls with long, dark hair perferably passed their shoulders. Turn-offs:Masculine females

Abilities [Noahs and Akuma]/Innocence [Exorcists]: Nejibana {Twisted Flower} [Equipment type]

Personality: Quiet, yet fun, though he tends to be a little straightforeward and dramatic(In a chibi way Mad). With friends, Ryu opens up and becomes more talkative and friendly. But during battles or sparring matches, he is usually in a focused state. Out in the field, during missions, Ryu would always want to get the job over with and return back to the Black Order's Headquarters. Sometimes, when he becomes fatigued or tired, Ryu would start to be reckless or go into a drunken stupor, usually ending up putting everyone at risk.

Likes: Helping friends, sparring, food.

Dislikes: Most akuma, arrogant people.

History: When he was just six, he and his nine year old brother, Shindo Sanda, moved in with their aunt after having been taken away from their original parents, due to their parents being extremely abusive and often resorted to extreme phyisical disciplinary actions. A few years later, after his aunt had passed away, Ryu spotted his brother weeping over her grave and the Millenium Earl had appeared beside him. Granting Shindo's wish of reviving their late aunt, his brother was soon killed by the Akuma skeleton and took the form of his brother. Ryu, attempting to escape the clutches of his deceased brother, was saved by General Winters Zokalo. After the bloody execution of the akuma, one of the General's many innocence fragments responded to Ryu, and soon granting him the power to fight against the akuma. After seven years of training under the murderous tutilage of General Zokalo, Ryu was ordered to go to the Black Order to forge his weapon, Neijibana. During his stay in the Black Order's HQ, Ryu had rarely went out on missions but had often talked/played chess with many of staff in the Science Department. Though on his spare time, he would sometimes follow the Bookman apprentice, Lavi, to hear about his adventures in the world outside of the Headquarters. Sometimes, Ryu had often felt a sense of respect for the Exorcists and their work to save humanity from the Earl's Akuma horde. Now, after four years of staying behind in the Black Order's headquarters, Ryu Sanada has decided to finally go out into the world and save the now-demonized spirits, who have unconsciously condemened their souls to oblivion.

Height & Weight: 173 Centimers and 435.6 kilograms


(Take out the wing, and replace the coat with an exorcist jacket. Pants are black shorts with white knee-socks. Shoes are a sturdy pair of steeltoe-boots that have a design which resembles the patterns on the Exorcist uniform.)

RP Sample:
Angels vs Shanx
Walking around the city, Ranmaru had gotten bored of the town, nothing exciting had happened since he had recovered. Escaping the outskirts of the city, Ranmaru found himself in the nearby forest and found this to be a great vacation from the rural life of humans. Waking for a few minutes, he was extremely deep within the trees, yet something had caught his ear. He heard...voices, and they were quite familiar. Shrugging, Ranmaru continued his trek in the jungle of trees. Though more of the area seemed to have also diffused his interest. Turning back, Ranmaru had lost his way again.
Gah! Why is it that whenever I want to go somewhere, I end up getting lost?! Smacking his face with his palm, he began to run out of the forest, though not until coming out of the bushes to find Alicia and Adal. Not wanting to stop his run and not taking the time to go around the pair, Ranmaru sped up his sprint, causing him to jump over Alicia and using Adal's face as a pole-vault to launch himself back into the cover of the trees.
"Were those two the same from before? Looks like they might be on a date or something." he gave out a hearty laughter as he continued running out of the forest and into the city. Luckily the exit was not too far and Ranmaru heard the sounds of freedom. But he soon noticed that the sound was actually the crashing of waves and that as he got out of the underbrush, he ran off a cliffhead. "Oh! Come on!" Ranmaru tried to grab a ledge but ended up failing and fell down towards the sea once more. "Damn it!" Ranmaru screamed before he plunged headfirst into the water.
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Ryu-Chi Sanada
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