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 Eduardo Warick

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Eduardo Warick

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PostSubject: Eduardo Warick   Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:43 pm

Name: Eduardo Warick

Age: 16 years

Gender: Male

Alliance: The Black Order

Rank: Exorcist

Family: Kamina, Simon, Yuko, Slash

Crushes: Heís gender preference is female.

Abilities [Noahs and Akuma]/Innocence [Exorcists]: Zap Cannon.

Personality: Heís really lonely and a little grumpy because his parents died. He really likes Kamina and Yuko, the persons who raised him. Sometimes he can be really boring because heís really sarcastic. Heís really not the funny type but in certain times he is. Eduardo doesnít cry at all, some people say that he didnít cry even when his parents was killed.

Likes: Eduardo likes pasta and candy and he eats a lot because his Innocence is the parasite kind.

Dislikes: He doesnít like lies and people that fake what they really are.

History: Eduardo was born in Brazil but with one month traveled to Portugal, where he stayed to his fifth anniversary and then he and his parents moved to England where he was living Ďtill he moved to the Black Order HQ. Back in England, when his parents died he met Kamina and Yuko, a very nice couple that was a friend of his father. Kamina was an ex-exorcist and thought he was a robber, Eduardo liked him because he said the truth to him.
Kamina was Eduardo mentor and he teached everything he knew. Thatís why Eduardo learned how to activate his Innocence and learned how to fight and break locks.
One day, Eduardo was traveling with Kamina when he faced his father. He didnít believed and rushed to hug him. Kamina ran in to Eduardo and pulled him away from his father. Kamina explained that it was an Akuma and it must to be destroyed. Thatís when Slash came in and with a sword cut he destroyed the Akuma. Eduardo , angry because Slash murdered his fake father, activated his Innocence and attacked Slash.
Slash knocked Eduardo and next thing Eduardo knew was that he was in a bedroom with one closet and one table with chair. Slash was there in the chair waiting for him. He explained everything to Eduardo. He was at the Black Order HQ.

Height & Weight: 172 cm and 65 kg.

Looks/Picture: Just like Allen but with black hair, black eyes and his parasite arm is white.

RP Sample: Iím sorry but Iím Brazilian and I didnít understand whatís RP. Sorry. If you may explain it to me, I youíd be glad to make one RP Sample.
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Eduardo Warick
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