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PostSubject: Inigo   Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:31 pm

Owner: Adelind Incendium

Weapon's name: Inigo

Type: Parasitic

Appearance: Inigo runs through the winding scars on Adelind’s hand (acquired from a nasty fall in the fire). When inactivated, it looks like normal scars do, shiny and rough.

Level 1: He calls out “Innocence, Activate”, nothing fancy, just two simple words. Inigo, at level once, takes the form of crackling fire around Adelind’s fingertips, orange-red in colour.

Normal ability: It acts as an explosive; things explode on contact. He can either swing it around at random and hope it hits something, or be smarter and focus it at where he wants it to go. His fingers bend into a somewhat claw-like shape – from then on, it’s mainly normal tearing through and punching.

Special Attack: Firecandy paint: Possibly the worst name ever thought up, but it does it’s purpose. The takes out around two or three Akuma at once (if he’s lucky). Energy gathers at the tip and the sparks grow bigger. When released, it covers the enemy in a paint-like coating. This is basically normal ability with bigger explosion.

Level 2: There’s no change in name, other than calling out “Inigo, Level 2 Activation.” It covers his entire hand, up to the wrist bone. There’s really not much of a difference between this and Inigo’s Level 1 invocation. It changes colour slightly, into a darker crimson. Instead of just shooting out sparks, it’s small to medium fireballs, which eliminates the enemy faster.

Special Attack: Queen’s Terror: Adelind’s hands clap together, like he’s praying; when he opens them, there’s a small flicker of green flame on each palm. He blows them (stupid as it sounds) toward the enemy and the flame gains in size, emitting a shriek-like sound as it grows. The flame travels at a fast speed, and encircle’s the Akuma, squeezing, and then exploding. This tires him out more (as well as hurting his ears).

((Level three and beyond will be added when Adelind gets there))
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