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 No. 119/Moon Demon

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PostSubject: No. 119/Moon Demon   Mon Oct 20, 2008 6:55 pm

Name: Daniel Knight/No. 119

Nickname: Moon Demon

Age: After Transformation: 15 Months since revival as Akuma/ Year and three Months
Before Transformation: 8 years at time of death

Gender: Male

Alliance: Akuma

Rank: Level 2

Family: Father: Deceased
Mother: Coma
Older Brother: Deceased


Abilities Akuma: Underworld Arsenel

Personality: No. 119 is in a word Battle hungry. He lives for battle and battle alone, he
has no fear for death nor pain ignoring the existence of both and only accepting the feeling of joy. 119 is actually quite intelligent considering that he is a only a level 2 Akuma, he has a liking for beautiful scenery. No 119 considers himself to be at his strongest when fighting under a full moon. No 119 is a horrible team player willing to kill his own "Allies" so that he can fight the target by himself.

Likes: Full Moons, Blood, Battling, Bravery,

Dislikes: Other Akuma (He dislikes them because they have a tendency to take his targets lives, otherwise he finds them rather interesting), Dogs (He hates barkng),

History: Daniel was born in England to a wonderful and loving family. Daniel grew up in an amazing environment until he turned eight. One day Daniel was playing soccer with his friends when the ball rolled down a hill. As Daniel went to go pick it up he ran into known Serial Killer. Daniel asked the man if he wanted to play with him and his friends to which the man responded with but a smile and a swift punch across Daniel's face which knocked him out as well as broke his jaw. The man then proceeded to kill Daniel. Two years later Daniel's brother went to visit Daniel's grave and encountered the MIllenium Earl who asked him if he wanted to see Daniel again to which Daniel's Brother agreed which caused Daniel to become an Akuma. Daniel then proceeded to kill his brother and hide inside his brother's skin killing people each day. In only 7 months Daniel became a Level 2 Akuma and was called Number 119 as that was the number of humans he had to kill to become Level 2. Since then Daniel has renamed himself the "Moon Demon". He is chosen for most assassination or Innocence retrieval

Height & Weight: 5'9/172 centimetres
109lbs/49.5 KiloGrams


RP Sample: "You've got guts small fry. You know what I think I'll let you live" No. 119
muttered just before he broke out in a huge grin and slashed the sobbing four year old down the middle. Chuckling he whispered a small something to himself that sounded remarkably like "Just kidding". He heard shouting and the unmistakable sound of argument. He smirked and leaped from the alleyway he made it one story and then used a window still to launch himself onto the roof. He peered over the edge to check who was shouting. His smile grew only bigger as he caught a glimpse of what he was looking at. "It cannot be. But theres no mistaking it. It's a Exorcist alright" No.119 whispered to himself. The Exorcist turned his head and caught an eyeful of No.119 who only grinned back at him and winked. The Exorcist pushed the other human who happened to be a teenager roughly 15 from his appearance while the Exorcist looked to be at least 30, he wore his cloak that hid his face but from the sight of his eyes Moon Demon was sure he was in his 30's. The man jumped straight up to the roof, Moon demon whistled obviously impressed by the man's physical prowess. "Die Filthy Akuma" The exorcist yelled as he swung his hammer Innocence. Moon Demon dodged to the left just before the Hammer would have hit his head. "Hey your pretty weak for an Exorcist you know. Maybe you should quit before you run into an Akuma who might kill you... like me" Moon Demon muttered as he lunged at the man a blade erupted from his palm, he grabbed it and swung it at the man's throat. The Exorcist brought his hammer up to block the blow but was thrown a full two feet away off the roof. "Never judge by size Exorcist lest you lose your life" Moon demon screamed he jumped clear off the roof aiming his sword at the man's throat. "Right back at ya" The Exorcist shouted as he threw his hammer. Moon Demon had not been expecting it so he was hit full in the chest by the hammer which threw him back onto the roof. He struggled to get back on his feet but he succeeded and started to retreat. "Too Strong." He thought as he leaped from rooftop to rooftop "Way too strong for me but I'll be back Hammer Exorcist and next time you will want to retreat though I won't give you the chance he thought.
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PostSubject: Re: No. 119/Moon Demon   Mon Oct 20, 2008 11:37 pm

As long as I see no overpower, approved.


Tyki Mikk is the best character ever.
I'll be his #1 fan forever!

Asura TOO!!
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No. 119/Moon Demon
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