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 Air Gear Rp-Eight Roads

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PostSubject: Air Gear Rp-Eight Roads   Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:42 pm

If you know the fantastic manga Air Gear, you're addicted alreadly.

If you don't know Air Gear, I say dont read it unless you have time for an addiction.

Anyways...For those AG fans, come to Eight Roads. It's recently revived, and we have
one of our very own King fighting us. If you don't know, a King is one of thos eight ppl
who own Regalia and Bagrams, master of their personal Roads, and can destroy an entire
city by themselves.

So we have 5 members Versus 1 King. (I'm leading the 5-member team) Ya.

So pls sign up now, cos we ahve one extra member slot, and help us take this King down.

FYI, he's one of the strongest Kings, namely Sora Ryuu of the Void Road. Very strong. His
ex-team was a leading A-class called Sky Dragons, and he's in my opinion number 2. He's
only lost once b4, and only against the number one in the forum. other than that its one draw
and 21 wins.

This is the kind of help I need.

So get your ass there and trash this guy for me! PM leader of 5-man team, EraMemory, and take
the punk down in a Balloon Match!!!

That is all. Here's the link--http://z6.invisionfree.com/Eight_Roads/index.php?act=idx
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Air Gear Rp-Eight Roads
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