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 Sofie Silver

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PostSubject: Sofie Silver   Wed May 28, 2008 10:44 am

Name: Sofie Silver

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Alliance: Exocist

Rank: level one exorcist

Family: Her mother and father are both alive, in the town that Sophie was found protecting

Crushes: None, but maybe in the future...

Abilities Innocence: Wolfs howl

Personality: Sophie is a very kind and gentle person, but turns furious and bloodthirsty in battle. As she fights, it's like she's not human at all, but thats just her wolf instinct, caused by the innocence, taking over. In battle mode she doesn't waste time on talking. Of course, she can activate it on her own will as well, which causes her fingernails and canine teeth to grow longer, sharp and strong. only thing she wishes is for the akuma to leave her village alone and for her family to finally get peace. Sofie has an amazingly beautiful singing voice, but her howling sends shivers down the spine, no matter re you an enemy or an ally. Even Sofie has a comical side on her. For example her reactions usually always tun out to be very amusing.

Likes: She likes painting and singing.

Dislikes: Akuma and people who she doesn't know and try to get to her home village.


Sofie was born into a poor but very loving home. Her mother and father were doing random jobs to bring some money for food and clothes. At fist, Sofie was a normal kid, going to the school with the money her parents had saved for years. She loved to draw and wonder around the small but beautiful forest. One day, at the age of 8, she met a wolf. For a surprise, it didn't think of her as a thread, but treated her like a friend. She went to the forest every day after finishing home work and chores, to meet her wolf friend. Yet, one day as she was three days away from her 9th birthday, she went to the forest as usual. The wolf was acting weird. Suddenly it jumped at Sofie and bit her. Next thing she rembered, was that she woke up, with the wolf on her, dead. She screamed and backed away. Then she felt something weird. She had a tail! She lifted her hands up and felt her ears. They weren't there anymore! Swallowing, she moved her hands up, feeling soft, furry wolf ears. She fainted. When she came to, she was in the hospital. For a surprise, no one feared her. Actually they thought she was a gift, to protect the village from those weird beings and bandits.

From then on, she began killing the akuma, and people who wished to rob the already poor people. The town started to get richer, and specially Sofie's family. They built a beautiful mansion, where there was a training room, specially for Sofie. She was motivated to train due the akuma being a drag, and wanting to get rid of them faster. Her home had an inner yard, where there is a sakura tree and a fountain. She likes to spend her time in that small garden, reading. Her father was now the mayor, and her mother was the owner of a small flower shop chain. Neither of these things really interested Sofie. In fact she hated how her mother was at some parties every night and her father was always busy with work. At least back then when they were poor, they had time for each other... Nevertheless, just because of this, she could not let the other people down.

Even today, as she is in the age of 17, she still protects the village from harm.

Height & Weight: 172 cm and 51 kg

This is her as a little girl

And her older(current)

RP Sample:
A couple of level one akuma appeared to a small village. They were of course, looking for innocence that was rumored to be in this village. They would find it alright! There was a howl that would scare anyone right out of their skin. In a blink of an eye, the akuma exploded and on the ground was standing a woman. He hair was long and silver, tied up at the end of it and having a huge bell. She had wolf tail and ears and shining red eyes at that moment. Or at least till she calmed down. Her eyes returned to gray and her fingernails and canine teeth returned to normal, only her canine teeth a bit sharper than normal persons. This was the wolf guardian of the village, Sofie.
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PostSubject: Re: Sofie Silver   Wed May 28, 2008 11:20 am

And that means I have to approve her as well!

Good job, Little One, good job (as always)! ^^
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Sofie Silver
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