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 Acreus Academy

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PostSubject: Acreus Academy   Sat Oct 11, 2008 10:20 am

There is an uncharted island in the middle of the seven seas, on this island lies Arceus Academy, the school which holds the greatest of the world's trainers! In this Academy lies three dorms...

GROUDON RED: The Dorm where rookie trainers are assigned.

KYOGRE BLUE: Here we have the average trainers.

RAYQUAZA GREEN: The most "Elite" trainers are assigned to this dorm, here we have our future's greatest trainers!

Explore the island from Bonsly Beach to Dragonite Den, here almost anything is possible! But of course, there are many challenges and mysteries such as The Forbidden Mansion...
So join today and experiance the Full Throttle of AA, Arceus Academy!

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Acreus Academy
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