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 The Super Historical RP (Must follow strict rules)

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PostSubject: The Super Historical RP (Must follow strict rules)   Wed Oct 08, 2008 8:03 am

  1. 1 Character.
  2. Minimum of 5 paragraphs, nah, 3, 5 is too harsh. But each paragraph must have at least 5 sentances.

  3. No OOC, if there is the need for ooc chat, please make a topic in random or pm the person
  4. If you want to join it in, don't do it in the midst of a fight. Please just pm me to tell you when you can come in,
  5. These are the symbols: Think, (Back ground music), "Chat"
  6. If these rules are too much then don't join. This is a serious IC RP that put in my siggy.
  7. Also, if you think making this rp with these rules is misusing my admin power, then just make a poll against me, I won't lock it.
  8. Oh and, this RP can be in any country.
Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong. And so the Big Ben went on with sounding, it sounded twelve times. Midnight. In a very rich looking house, decorated with golden features, there was a ball. There were many people at the ball, all of them very rich and probably of high status in society. There were beautiful ladies in magnificent dresses, and handsome men in expensive trench coats. The music was very noble, as well, mostly only piano solos and lots of other songs. A servant clad in a black suit approached the balcony, and opened the doors symmetrically. "The Earl wishes your presence..." The servant said, it's skin tone turning bluish "Lord Tyki Mikk." Yes, yes, who ever who on the balcony was nobody else than the famous noble poker-addict, Tyki Mikk. "Ara Ara, what does the fat guy want from me now, eh~?" He replied, leaving the balcony.

Tyki entered the ballroom, ignoring all the ladies asking him to a dance. He walked up the stairs, and reached a room without lights on. The servant, acting as escort stood next to the open door, and took a bow, his hands pointing to his right, meaning that that was the door he was enter. Tyki took a deep breath and entered the room. "Oi, oi. Earl-sama, don't go ruining my night now for some innocence eh?" he said, expecting the good old fat Earl. Instead, he sat there, in his human form, a small frown was seen on his face. Then he noticed Road and some of the others were there too, Road didn't look too cheerful, instead, she was rather sad to see the Earl being so serious. "Listen, that brat, Allen Walker, has destroyed the Akuma Egg that Lulubell was sent to recover!" he said, cursing under his breath, and Lulu-chan didn't change emotion at all. "Not only that, but when I ask Tyki here to search the arc with the rest of us, he runs off to Finland." Suddenly Tyki's arm and shoulder fell off (like at the arc), blood shooting everywhere. Only then he saw it was an illuson, but that feeling was the same as what Allen did at the arc. Was this the Earl? The always cheerful Earl he knew?

A while later Tyki was walking on the streets, wearing his top har and coat again. When nbobody was in sight, his skin turned grey, and the stigmatata poppep up. He looked at the Big Ben.. 2:41 am, eh? He headed to a near poker bar to meet some people he always won from. They tried to cheat, but so didTyki, and eventually Tyki won, and offered them all a bottle of wine, stashing the rest of his money into his pocket on the insides of his coat. Then he left the bar, but there was someone, or something... Dare da?


Tyki Mikk is the best character ever.
I'll be his #1 fan forever!

Asura TOO!!
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The Super Historical RP (Must follow strict rules)
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