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 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

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PostSubject: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon   Sat Sep 06, 2008 8:26 pm

Site name:Wigglytuff's Guild or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Site Description: Plot is © Waz and Leigh
Draft editing by Leigh
Pokemon is © Nintendo and we do not claim any ownership of mentioned characters

At the peak of the enormous Temporal Tower, a massive Pokemon groaned and folded its legs beneath it as it laid on the stone floor of its domain. Waves of varying light blues ran the conduits allowed it, and the beast’s great eyes closed. The sapphire on its chest was the point the light congregated, shining brightly. The creature’s head dropped, and it fell into slumber.

This sleep, however, was short-lived. Fuchsia light pierced the eyelids of the beast, and a splitting scream entered its head. Dialga’s lids slid open in a reptilian way, and it braced itself to stand. Another massive Pokemon faced it, the source of the scream of challenge.

This one was much similar to Dialga, but stood on two legs rather than four. Pearls adorned each of its shoulders, and pale pink light coursed the length of its body, gathering at the glimmering pearls. Palkia’s body was an off-white compared to Dialga’s dark blue, and silence filled the area as the two glared at each other.

Dragon on Dragon. Legendary on legendary. Rival on rival. Whatever terms one would use, there was no better time the the present moment.

Time and space stood, face to face, tensing up as they were about to attack. One would make the first move, and one would return the attack. It seemed like an eternity, but Palkia took first strike.

His eyes shone with a pink color, the color of the pearls upon his shoulders, and he released a pulsing beam of energy, known to such as Dragon Pulse. Dialga returned the favor, and exhaled a massive breath, the breath of a dragon. The move known to most as Dragonbreath. The two moves met each other dead center of the dragons, and a ball of yellow-green energy swirled around the sphere until it exploded, taking chunks from the Temporal Tower and sending them down to Earth, landing wherever space and time took them.

Palkia and Dialga were not hurt much by the explosion, but decided to take their feud elsewhere, and each, in a brilliant flash of blue and pink light, disappeared into another area, perhaps another dimension or time, to battle it out.

The world may never be the same.

Stones rained from the sky, ruining several structures of the famous Treasure Town. The alarmed squawks of Xatu came first, then the startled cries of Chansey. Marowak’s calls added to the din, and the Kecleon Brothers ran helter-skelter as the remains of Temporal Tower rained down upon their fair city.

The worst of all came later. Temporal Tower began to crumble, the force keeping it adrift on the air weakening. Finally, there was no way to keep the massive tower afloat, and it came crashing to the Earth. An enormous quake shook the whole of the continent as the tower fell, crashing into near center of the continent. The plate split in half, and Temporal Tower fell into the deep fissure created.

From the depths, an eerie light originated.


Giratina had been awoken from nearly a century of peaceful slumber, to find itself buried ’neath the home of Dialga, supposed to be in the sky? Now, how could that be? Claws grasped the rock, smashing it with seemingly no effort at all. The dragon rose, fading into the shadows to reappear at the top of the fissure, staring down.

Around it, the plants began to wither, and grass to die. The curse of Giratina’s awakening had been set in motion.

Giratina's force brought forth dark storm clouds, and the plants began to die. And, from the storm, nothing but lightning struck, setting fire to the dead, withering plants. Then, the strangest thing began to happen.
It began to rain, but not the watery rain. This was essence of shadow. Prophecies foretold this rain, and they weren't good.

Dark rain falls
sickening the earth.
As the grass lord ills
The fire shall wither in the hearth
And the world will be consumed
By the evil of shadows.

Panics spread out, and the world began to crumble. But, prophecies also stated that heroes shall arise. And, if all goes well, they may be able to save the world.

But, the grass lord came, in her Sky Form, to try and bring life back. Shaymin, as some call her, fought as hard as she could before falling to the illness.

She lay helpless, her eyes closed and mouth moving silently as if in prayer. Giratina gazed upon her from the shadows, his eyes whirling slowly as if trying to comprehend her expression. His unblinking stare didn’t seem to even phase the Pokemon.

“Cele…bi…” she whispered softly, so low that Giratina might not have heard had he not been sitting for quite some time listening for her to speak.

“Cele…bi… app…roa…ches…” her breathing was ragged, making speech that much harder for the beast. Her body heaved with the pain of trying to talk to Giratina, but yet she continued. “Gira…tina… Time… and Space… have awakened… you… Temp…oral… Tower… fell… Broke the… continent… in half… If you… cannot… restore… the land… contact… Cele…bi… Plants… must…”

Shaymin fell silent, her lids sliding open just a sliver. “Just… find… Celebi…” With that, her body seemed to glow golden, and her shape blurred. With it, the light faded into the soil and small stems of grass poked through the earth in the place Shaymin’s body had lain.

Giratina. She had said the name. Then, she had known that Giratina had been listening. Musing, he began to wonder where it might be that Celebi could be found. However, as it turned, he had not far to look. Before him a portal materialized, and a small green Pokemon emerged.

And behind her, though Giratina passed it as her shadow, came a Pokemon, she immediately disappeared. Two gold eyes stared unnoticed from the bushes for a split second, and then the figure was gone.[/center]

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also were having a contest right now to see who brings in the most members, so if you do join please go there and tell them that King got you to join
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
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