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 Kurenai -anime

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PostSubject: Kurenai -anime   Thu Sep 04, 2008 7:48 am

Kurenai is an anime depicting how a young assassin goes thru everyday life with a young 7YO rich girl who has no idea of the outside world. It is touching, funny, chilling and has one of the most unique battle systems I've ever seen (Shinkuro's Hozuki's Horn is plain disturbing, he pulls psycho moves that are not overpowered like Naruto but plainly creeps you out.) Also the bad guys are unlike most bad guys. They look and behave like odinary ppl...even when they are beating you up. For instance, they were assaulting a defenseless female and talking about wearing shoes in the house at the same time, with friendly looks on their faces, as if it was a normal conservation. ...but here is the most epic, most random scene of all that popped out of NOWHERE, unedited.


If you are watching Kurenai...tip: SKIP EP 1! its a documentary to skip through events.

here's a preview for the anime:

4/5 stars.

oh, and the nicest amv i could find abt kurnai. Its so gd i almost cried. almost. ...well, if you know the lyrics, you will b touched. nice song...
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Kurenai -anime
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