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 Welcome to D.Gray-Man RPG! (Required reading inside)

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PostSubject: Welcome to D.Gray-Man RPG! (Required reading inside)   Sat Aug 23, 2008 6:04 am

The Rules
Of course, we have rules here. Without them, the RPG would run out of control. We run on a warning system that you may see under each member's avatar. Once you reach 100 points in the system, you will be banned. Follow those and you're as good as fine! (Read)

About D. Gray Man
We know that most of you who plan on joining this site already know about D. Gray Man, but for the few of you who are completely new, this link will provide some information so you won't be completely lost. (Read)

Before you can start roleplaying, you'll need to create your character and have it approved by a staff member (see below for a list). You must use the given template, but you may change the style however you like as long as all the information is there. If your character is an Exorcist, a Noah, or an Akuma you must also create a profile for their weapon/abilities.(Template)

Each of your characters participate in a leveling system in order to raise their weapon's or abilities power. Your characters always start at the lower possible level and work their way up later on. (Read)

The Staff
__ Marlow (creator, admin)
__ Lenalee (co-admin)
__ Tag (head moderator)

The roles of the staff are simple. We enforce rules, approve characters, answer questions, and help you with any problems you may have. Don't be afraid to contact us. We're here to help (Except Haru. He's here to torment).


Tyki Mikk is the best character ever.
I'll be his #1 fan forever!

Asura TOO!!
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Welcome to D.Gray-Man RPG! (Required reading inside)
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