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 Tag's Hiatus of Awesome

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PostSubject: Tag's Hiatus of Awesome   Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:49 pm

So you guys probably haven't seen me posting much as of late and I totally have an explaination for it. Ahem *clears throat*

Basically, I'm starting my third year at UC in... a month and am starting to look for an apartment closer to school because taking a two hour long bus ride every day is LAME. I found one pretty close and I'm packing up my things to move in a week. Theeeen after I'm all moved in, I'll still need to hook up to the internet... some how (I've just been using my neighbors for the past year. I know, I'm a bad bad boy.) and then get settled with all my classes plus the two full time jobs I'm working. Yup, college life is awesome! (No. It's not. Stay away for as long as possible.)

In short, I don't know when I'll be able to find time for roleplaying again. Maybe a few weeks or a few months. No one knows. o_o

Until then, folks! *Scoops up Cassiel and flies off into the sunset while epic music plays in the background*

I'm pretty fly for a gay guy~

Character: Cassiel Mattei || Innocence: Dominion
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Tag's Hiatus of Awesome
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