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 Cinne 'Panda' Lancer

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PostSubject: Cinne 'Panda' Lancer   Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:07 pm

Well......Here's Da character. ^^' Well, I'll have to wait and see if it is correct.

Name: Cinne 'Panda' Lancer ( 'Panda' is his nickname.)

Age: 17 years old, thought Cinne seems two years younger.

Gender: Male, Of course.

Alliance: Exorcist, thought he is somehow forced into it against his will.

Rank: Rookie exorcist (Litterally)

Family: None- not even a pet. Cinne's basically completely alone. Well, him, his panda hat and his teddy panda. He does not know what happened to them.

Crushes: Currently, Cinne doesn't have a crush, bit he is bisexuel, so anything is possible. He once had a crush before, but.....

Abilities [Noahs and Akuma]/Innocence [Exorcists]: Cinne's Innocence is called the ' Illusion of the ring'.

Cinne had a strong silent type aura to him- which may misled peoples to think he dislikes talking. This is not true- Cinne only speaks when he felt the need.
Cinne is a person whom thoses attiudes sharply changes according to the situation, but in every mood and attiude, he is very guarded, and with good reason, though even if you know him well he likely won't tell you why. He has a difficult time trusting peoples. He is fiercely territorial when it comes to talk about himself... or when it comes to his hat and teddy. Cinne suffers from bipolar personality disorder, which would explain the sudden change of personality. Generally, Cinne is a slightly sadistic person, but tries to avoids fights.

In fact, Cinne will try to run and hide first, litterally refusing to fight.

But if Cinne is cornered with no obvious exits or hiding places, or is enough injuied, he will turn extremently sadstic and will violently fight back in a cruel way.

Thoses sudden mood and personality shifts seemed to be the resulat of the numberous traumas Cinne had recevied durant his childhood. Cinne has probably adapted his personality to be able to protect himself better.


Pandas, as proven by his hat and his teddy... and his cloths, too.
Chocolate. Anything chocolaty under all of its forms.
Drawing. Cinne is artistic, very artistic.
Watching other Exorcists train. He likes to be the beachwarmer and watch them.
His innocence.


Snakes. Cinne had a phobia of them ever since one bit him. Ironically....
Being told that he is too 'young' to do that or that ( Expect for fighting.)
Being cornered with no exits or places to hide.
Fight. Even if he could hold his own....he doesn't likes them.
Not having a weapon to protect himself.

Cinne's childhood what is considered a bittersweet story.

Cinne had a family when he was young. Cinne used to be happy, and led a happy life. He had two parents, grandmothers and grandfathers and two older sisters. His older sister introducted him to the pandas, which caused the young Cinne to fall in love with them. Then, Cinne nags his parents to take him to the 'panda' country, as he calls it.
Upon his 4th birthday, his wish came true... along with a teddy.

The family went in a ship and set sail. Then, something happened, through Cinne didn't understood. Stranges mans came and took him away along with some peoples. Cinne is dumped quite uncermoniously at a different port with no contacts at all.
Cinne decided to wait for his parent. He's sure they'll come.
He kepts sitting there, even after the ship had set sail.

A old woman came by and found the kid. She decided to adopt him, and to raise Cinne up as his own. Cinne had luckied out on this one. Everything went nice and tidy, and Cinne would play in the backyard of his new house, but he would often espace and make his way to the port, to wait. Durant Cinne's childroom, all he did was play, eat, sleep.... and wait. From 4 to 10 years old, this is all he did.
Cinne is happy: the lady treats him right, and made him a panda hat- even if it's a little too large for his head- but he is not truely happy: He waits. And waits at the port everyday.

But an strange event would happen when Cinne was just 8.
There was that strange man in black leather by the port, with an box. Cinne was visiting it when he saw it. Of course, he or she who says children aren't curious is completely wrong.
He came back home with something. The old lady questioned, but Cinne said nothing.

At Cinne's 10th birthday, the lady died. Cinne cries for her death, and soon met a very frighting person who offered to him to revive the lady. But Cinne refused, recalling the eldery lady's wish.
And the boy ran away.

What became of him is unknown, but if there's a thing who is certain, is that Cinne has receviced many beatings and more traumas, and had discovered his innocence's ability along the way....and then got forced into joining the Black Order when he was just 17 in yet an other trauma situation. By then, he has stopped waiting for his family.

No one knew what happened in Cinne's life both childhood and teenager's- he had virtually no background to him, and Cinne refused to speak about it.

Height & Weight:
Cinne is 5'2", and weights in at a light, light 90 lbs. Which would explain why he looks younger than he is.

Okay. Here's the deal. I've made a little sprite of my character. I'm sure my little 'friend' will remember him:

And of course, the panda hat.

The panda teddy can be often found hanging off of Cinne's pocket or on his back like a bagback. (Cinne had sawed ropes into the teddy's back to be able to wear it easily.)
Cinne will wear just about anything if he gets to keep his hat and his teddy on, so he's not difficult.

RP Sample:

"Stay here." The man in the uniform said as he almost completely dropped the young children on the port.
"Mommy daddy?" The small green-haired children asked. "Sis? Sis?"
"No, stay here."
Cinne tilted his head, holding the large panda teddy against the chest and chased after the man who had took him away from his family.
"Will they come?"
"....yes, they will." The man smilied at them, but it is not a true smile. "If you stay here, they'll come. Be patient."
Cinne nodded firmly. He would wait.
Crowds of peoples protested against this event, where officiers pulled them away. But for all Cinne would see, not one of them is from his family. But he would be patient. After all, they'll come. Right?
Cinne went and sit down at the brink of the port, swing his little legs inches away from the water. Peoples walked forth and back in an deafing roar of steps.

One hour, two hours, three hours, four hours....

No one is here.... Cinne looks around. The port is empty, and the ship is starting to blow its horn- a sign that the ship will leave.
His parents, his grandparents, his sisters didn't came out and all thoses officiers went in the ship. Cinne watched with his emerald eyes the ship slowly leaving, and the trail the ship leave behind. He recalled his parent's angered and surprised face when the officier took him away. His sister yelling his name. The grandparent's sad face.
I guess I'll wait for them to come back.

Five hours, six hours, seven hours, eight hours, nine hours......

The sun is settling, and Cinne is all alone on the port, facing the sea. Waiting for his family's return. The officier told Cinne that they'll be coming. So he waited.

One day.....two days.....

Cinne didn't asleep. Luckly for him, the nights are warm and some of the passing peoples gave him some food. But he kept staring out. Waiting. And waiting. Holding his precious little teddy panda, that the family offered to him.
They'll come back, and then we'll go and see the panda country!

Three days..... Four days...... Five days....

Cinne doesn't have that happy face anymore, or that courage in his eyes. His legs limp over the body of water. Shoulders slumping, his hug on his teddy loosen to the point of relaxing. Head hung low, eyes watching the mirror staring right up at him. A sad, green-haired children with beautiful sad green eyes holding a teddy panda stared right back at Cinne in the water.

I don't remember who I'm waiting for anymore...
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PostSubject: Re: Cinne 'Panda' Lancer   Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:56 pm




Tyki Mikk is the best character ever.
I'll be his #1 fan forever!

Asura TOO!!
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PostSubject: Re: Cinne 'Panda' Lancer   Mon Aug 18, 2008 4:29 pm

XD I rock.

Now to create my weapon..... mwhehehe.
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PostSubject: Re: Cinne 'Panda' Lancer   

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Cinne 'Panda' Lancer
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