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 Tabris (Rue revision 1)

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Million Rosenkreuz

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PostSubject: Tabris (Rue revision 1)   Fri Aug 08, 2008 2:44 pm

Name: Tabris Lilin (Rue Kruz) (f/l)

Age: 16

Gender: M

Alliance: Ex-Exorcist/ Angel

Rank: Light Bringer

Family: none

Crushes: none

Innocence: Shadowy Death

Tabris is uncertain and cold since his older brother and best friend are now dead, he is open to everything and is prone to crying alone in corners. The only one that can comfort him is Arimisael, who, despite her perversions, is considered to be his best friend, for now. Tabris has rejected the Black Order and has taken to becoming a destroyer with his words 'I'll destroy everything that comes onto my path, Exorcist or Akuma, even Humans....," His greatest desire is to be separated from Innocence and live a peaceful life at sea.

Likes: Fighting, Angels, Arimisael

Dislikes: Akuma, Black Order, Shizutsi Joker

Million Rosenkreuz is a member of a prestigious German family, they were heralded as geniuses for quite some time and were looked to for various services. The Rosenkreuz family was quite large at one point, but all of a sudden, they just disappeared from Germany. No one is left who knows why the Rosenkreuz left Germany, all that is known is that they resurfaced in Japan a century later, and this, is where Million comes in.

Million is the son of the matriarch of the Rosenkreuz family, he never knew his father, all he did know about the man was that he was an exorcist and died fighting a high level Akuma. He had only one sibling, Valien, six years his senior, Valien left home at sixteen to become an exorcist, no one has heard from him since. Million fell ill after word of his brother's disappearance, he couldn't move for months. When Million's condition began to worsen, his mother called an old friend from the Dark Organization to come meet her son, to confirm if he was the conformer for any recovered innocence. The representative from the Organization arrived three months later with five innocence, the first four wouldn't react to Million in any way, but the fifth caused severe pain in his left eye and left arm, within moments he had lost sight in his left eye and his left arm had taken on the appearance of a deformed sicle. After becoming a conformer, Million was in agonizing pain, every waking moment was hell for him, his eye burned and blood often poured from his eye socket, and his left arm was beginning to develop scars where the innocence had been inserted into his body.

At age twelve, Million Rosenkreuz became the conformer for a parasitic innocence named Singing Cross, after being exposed to innocence and told he was to destroy akuma with it, he miraculously broke his illness and was overjoyed at the thought of becoming an exorcist. Three days after his confirmation as a confomer MIllion was on his way to England, ready to begin service as a judge to the Akuma. Four years have passed since that fateful day, Million has become a formidable foe, even to high level Akuma, he trains daily and in his spare time he searches for his missing brother whom the Organization has declared dead.

Rue has, since his brother and best friend died, joined Israfael's cause as an angel of god and true enemy of the Earl.

Height & Weight: 155.75 cm/58.84 kg

Looks/Picture: Since becoming a member of Yggdrassil, Rue has taken to wearing a tight black coat that covers all but his face, which he coveres with a half mask (lower half). His eyes have become hidden by black framed blue tinted sunglasses.

RP Sample:
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Tabris (Rue revision 1)
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