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 Weapons from punkfishy257 character!!! (kaname V.)

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PostSubject: Weapons from punkfishy257 character!!! (kaname V.)   Mon Mar 03, 2008 2:56 pm

I hope I did this right O__O

Name: Kaname Velachevsky

Innocence: a white fan; equipment (when it's not invoked). When it is, it turns into Geisha's Tessen. Black; with lines running through it and is hard as steel. I can't think of names >.<

Level 1: The fan is just like any other fan, it can make wind. The fan can increase (Grow)or decrease(Shrink) in size. She can split it (Multiply)and make two fans or more.

Pierce Macabre: A chain appears on the "handle" of the fan. The chain will be wrapped around the akuma and it spikes up , which explodes the akuma or whatever it does. She can also have the fan pop up spikes, which is use to slice the enemy or it can shoot the spikes out (Macabre: Part Two).

Final 3: (...I haven't really have thought of anything for this Level, so it's going to be really random...) The chains is wrapped around her this time and the fan start doing stuff and becomes creates the "Twin Lotus." One lotus is white (Heaven's Lotus), the other one is black (Hell's Lotus). Heaven's Lotus creates a small tornado (that ONLY kills the akuma) and usually that ends it. If it doesn't, then the black one comes in. Hell's Lotus is a torture cell, where all those invocations up there do things to the akuma all at once. So, I'm pretty sure it died already.
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Weapons from punkfishy257 character!!! (kaname V.)
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